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  1. Nathan Grey Hollis's rating of the film Gummo

  2. Semaj Productions's rating of the film Gummo

    A modern surreal classic, Gummo has become one of may favorite films of the 90s. It's transgressive, subversive, and has a distinct aesthetic that it uses to further it's messages of stolen youth and neglect. It's anti formalist and messy from a technical standpoint, but that only adds to its total auteuristic vision. The characters are repugnant, but their vile actions are offset with a distinct sense of melancholy

  3. Fernanda Patlán's rating of the film Gummo

    "I knew a guy who was dyslexic, but he was also cross-eyed, so everything came out right". ♥

  4. amariliz's rating of the film Gummo

    srsly, wtf. gross, weird, unnecessary, wrong all the way... yet fun to watch. somehow it works

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Gummo

    At the time I first watched it I would have given it a 4 or a 5. Tastes change, and the future impacts the past. It lost a couple of stars for the crap he's put out since and for the depictions of animal abuse. Depictions. The world is so mean now, that it's harder to watch cruelty.

  6. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Gummo

    This film is one big ? Smalltown ennui manifesting as moral, sensible, and vital depravity....Korine has said he loves Flannery O'Connor, and it's shown...

  7. bryanvmh's rating of the film Gummo

  8. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film Gummo

  9. jhubbs's rating of the film Gummo

    Disturbing, hilarious, carefree, brutal, odd, joyous, hateful, reflective, opportunistic, honest.

  10. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Gummo

    Gummo/Korine are a mixed bag. I really love his storytelling style and parts of his aesthetic that take influence from lo-fi art, Godard, and Herzog. However, his hipster racism (that seems to hint at either verisimilitude a la Flannery O'Connor or some failed attempt at satire) is especially grating in this one. It reaches lots of amazing emotional highs and lows but ultimately seems hollow and mostly mean spirited.

  11. tenebrae's rating of the film Gummo

    The most interesting thing about this film is that it consists of uneventful scenes which somehow look full drama, comedy and ennui at the same time!

  12. soyvirgo's rating of the film Gummo

    gross. i couldnt wATCH but i love my queen chloe

  13. brain goosebump's rating of the film Gummo

    "What I like about Gummo are the details that one might not notice at first. There's the scene where the kid in the bathtub drops his chocolate bar into the dirty water and just behind him there's a piece of fried bacon stuck to the wall with Scotch tape. This is the entertainment of the future." - Werner Herzog

  14. Cemre Polat's rating of the film Gummo

    "Okuma güçlüğü çeken bir adam tanıyordum ayrıca o bir şaşıydı, bu yüzden her şey ona normal geliyordu."

  15. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Gummo

  16. Gonzelush Thompson's rating of the film Gummo

    Cuvântul care ar caracteriza perfect această producție turbată în regia lui Harmony Korine este depravarea. Gummo reprezintă o oglindă dureroasă, cinică, mizantropică, disperată, suicidală și pe alocuri foarte amuzantă a clasei de jos din America. Însă dacă ne amintim de copii împușcați de alți copii la noi, de minorii ucigași de la Strășeni - această oglindă ne reprezintă și pe noi. Death is all around us.

  17. Mcpeer's rating of the film Gummo

    One of the very best films of the 90s. A film about absolutely nothing and everything all at once. This is humanity captured on film. There is so much honesty, love, and authenticity imbued into every frame. Korine has taken the concept of cinéma vérité and turned in to something he loves. If Dziga Vertov of grew up in middle America on a steady diet of MTV and drugs, this is the kind of film he would have made.

  18. João Martins's rating of the film Gummo

    There are no weirdos in real life. If we think a little bit, there is always a reason for someone to act in certain way. "Gummo" reaches the real outsider comprehension of our daily normative urban minds by looking through the "difference" and the "bizarre".

  19. vizija's rating of the film Gummo

  20. alchimia's rating of the film Gummo

    the kind of cinema I hate but the kind of cinema I want to make someday.

  21. sissy69's rating of the film Gummo

    A lovely exploration of America's heartland . . .

  22. Diogo Pedro's rating of the film Gummo

    Very sensitive. The atmosphire and the relation between the characters where spot on. Great play of scenes (chocolate under water, dead cats).

  23. João R.'s rating of the film Gummo

    Its value lies in the fact that it creates a very unique, uneasy and distinguished experience. Other than that, it echoes on its own shallow shell. Or perhaps it's just not my plate of spaghetti.

  24. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Gummo

    Gummo is a weird film, about as weird as it gets and is definitely not for everyone. But it’s my kind of weird, with rednecks, gay midgets, cat killing, eye-brow shaving weirdos. And Chloë Sevigny because she’s always in weird stuff. Crystal meth manifested into film and it’s an experience at the very least.

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