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  1. seakat's rating of the film Fugue

    It's predictable and presents us again with the old idea of liberation through the renunciation of things.

  2. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film Fugue

  3. a.'s rating of the film Fugue

    Despite some strong moments (that dance scene!) and admirable feminist aspirations, Fugue remains mediocre in its overall execution.

  4. Rq's rating of the film Fugue

    best first scene in the last decade

  5. Leo Gitin's rating of the film Fugue

    Lacks coherence. The slow but in the end complete rationalisation takes away a lot from the film, especially the quality of mystery so essential for the first parts of it. But as "The Lure" showed, there is great potential in Smoczynska.

  6. Traum Baum's rating of the film Fugue

    It touches upon themes of domestic gender politics, quietly reexamining the roles of maternity and wifedom, but as soon as it reaches the dénouement, confronting us with the root cause of this fugue, these vaguely feminist undercurrents, much like the lead character in the recurring dream sequence, get buried beneath a clichéd amnesia narrative.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Fugue

    Intéressant et séduisant par l'ambivalence qui ondoie dans ce scénario partiellement étouffant et d'une imperceptible et presque permanente toxicité...

  8. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Fugue

  9. Juan's rating of the film Fugue

    Aburrida, no hay climax, ni vuelta de tuercas, ni nada qué dé para pensar.

  10. Eleanor Thompson's rating of the film Fugue

  11. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Fugue

    Memory loss is often the subject of romantic comedies and other lighthearted fare, but its reality is much darker. I thought that the film was fascinating, albeit not perfectly executed, and the leading performance by Gabriela Muskala is beautiful and harrowing.

  12. Luis's rating of the film Fugue

  13. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Fugue

    Es muy estimulante ver un filme de este calibre: con mucho para construir por parte del espectador, con trabajo fotográfico y buena factura. Quizás, sea un lugar común que es una pieza escrita para la actriz, pero viendo que ella es la guionista se entiende. La dimensión total del personaje cobra tanta fuerza que lo de menos es saber qué pasó y más, cómo pasan algunas cosas...efectivamente, una buena propuesta!

  14. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Fugue

    Conceptually and politically acute script and acting by Muskała, but I was unconvinced by most of the formal choices of direction and cinematography. This intriguing, iconoclastic film heightens the shamefulness of the emphasis on French productions. As of today there are 14. Diversity, please! 7.5 directorial credits for women, double the norm here but still galling. What happened to MUBI?

  15. Guckgi's rating of the film Fugue

  16. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Fugue

    For such an intriguing premise there are long periods when this film is curiously reluctant to be truly involving but it becomes steadily more poignant as the protagonist becomes more aware of who she was whilst simultaneously realising that she still cannot be that person.

  17. harniman.gerald's rating of the film Fugue

    A serene movie slowly revealing memories and affections, with clever cinematic techniques for transit from mystery to conclusion. Excellent script and performances, are heart rending tale well worth 5 stars.

  18. I.Camera's rating of the film Fugue

    An intriguing film about a woman who has reappeared after a long and initially unexplained absence, and who is now disconnected from her husband, child and any expectations as to what a 'good mother' should be. The deep focus cinematography often positions its lead in the centre of an expansive widescreen shot, as isolated and independent as Varda's Vagabond. A work on feminist identity (disguised as psychodrama).

  19. Yossa Reznor's rating of the film Fugue

  20. Francisco Gallardo Soto's rating of the film Fugue

    Me intrigó saber el por qué de todo el argumento pero no fue suficiente para terminar por construir el personaje de Alicja/Kinga, quedando en el vacío sus propias decisiones

  21. Daniel Thomas Freeman's rating of the film Fugue

    Another amnesia story ... but very well written, played, shot and sound designed.

  22. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Fugue

  23. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Fugue

    Directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska (who also gave us The Lure a few years ago), this is another fascinating, complex, look at a central character (played by Gabriela Muskala, who also wrote the screenplay) struggling to stay settled in her own skin, unsure of her own mindset and not caring much about how others think she should be acting. It's a slow, impressive, thought-provoking piece of work

  24. mpho3's rating of the film Fugue

    Love is like punk. Not dead. Gabriela Muskala burns it up in this one. I don't know why people rag on the "amnesiac" genre. Smoczyńska finds the right balance between stark reality and stylistic audio-visual flourishes that punctuate the domesticity Kinga chafes against and the loss of identity that unmoors Alicja. 3.5 stars

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