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Ratings & Reviews

  1. HenriqueA's rating of the film Foreign Land

    Salles and Thomas were a perfect duo and this is their best film together. If you can forgive the melodramatic score, you're left with a humanist fish out of water/almost-noir tale of love, greed and loss that show little but says a lot about both Brasil and Portugal. And some of the dialogue is simply mesmerising.

  2. Carolina Santos's rating of the film Foreign Land

  3. gabyg's rating of the film Foreign Land

    "Isto é a primeira vez que você vem a Portugal não é? Posso lhe dizer uma coisa, isto não é sítio para encontrar ninguém, isto é terra de gente que partiu para o mar. É o lugar ideal para perder alguém ou para perder-se de si próprio. Aproveite."

  4. Turma de Ingles's rating of the film Foreign Land

    This is a Brazilian and Portuguese film, not only Portuguese...And also, the directors are brazilian!

  5. Gui Danner's rating of the film Foreign Land

    Exceptional cast and superb b&w photography.

  6. Juan C.P.'s rating of the film Foreign Land

    I've never been a Walter Salles fan, but I loved Terra Estrangeira. The first scenes in the city has both a realist and dreamy feel. Beautiful. I think this might be it people... I might turn into a Salles fan after this.

  7. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Foreign Land

    Beautiful, beautiful picture. As always bravo Walter Salles!

  8. Bruno Freitas De Oliveira's rating of the film Foreign Land

    Amazing! Stunning photography and gorgeous words! I loved when Pedro tells Paco that Lisbon is not a place to find someone, their habitants lost themselves to the sea, it's a place to loose someone or yourself... and then there is Maria Joao singing and Lisboa never looked so beautiful in black and white! Superb!

  9. Miguel Angel Líbero's rating of the film Foreign Land

    La recomiendo por todo lo alto, "five stars", vidas al límite, almas perdidas, gran poesía, música y excelentes actuaciones, en un ritmo de insoslayable habilidad, Walter Salles consigue en este film, llevarnos a amar sus personajes y querer salvarlos de algún modo, aunque internamente, sabemos que es imposible. Miguel angel Líbero.

  10. Tais Moraes's rating of the film Foreign Land

    Walter Salles at his best. "Foreing Land," "Terra Estrangeira" in the original, is a very beautiful film that offers a string of hope, even when there is nothing else to hold on to.