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  1. ejonline's rating of the film F for Fake

    I had heard so much about this film for so long that I was almost certain to be let down by it. It looked terrible and despite his ruminating on various topics, I was just not engaged. Reading descriptions of what it was about and what he was doing was more interesting and enjoyable than actually watching the film. That happens sometimes, no?

  2. aliasgenius's rating of the film F for Fake

    Fascinating, bewildering, unlike anything I’ve seen.

  3. Lily Parmenter's rating of the film F for Fake

    WOW. That was riveting! I'm deepening my love of Orson Welles, and his personality is on display here. The last segment on Picasso was particularly masterful, as Orson plays with the 'truthful' nature of documentary itself. Also just fun to see him thriving in his European circles. :D Oja Kodar is a major babe!

  4. Semaj Rose's rating of the film F for Fake

    Orson Wells may have invented the video essay with this film, but the concept has been executed far better by countless people on YouTube in a far less pretentious way.

  5. ñiñiñi's rating of the film F for Fake

    si no usara el acoso callejero como recurso estético-narrativo quizas le pondria un 2

  6. Shiv Kammadari's rating of the film F for Fake

    Art as some sort of great truth is only for the confused intellectuals. The magicians who create this art, living in high castles, know that they are forgers and liars. Atleast that's how it is today. The best part of this essay is Orson's 2 minute monologue about the anonymous architects of Chartres Cathedral who designed it as a celebration of human spirit and the newfound vanity and hubris of people everywhere.

  7. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film F for Fake

  8. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film F for Fake

  9. pluviosity's rating of the film F for Fake

    Orson Welles is a great storyteller. Truth and truth.

  10. Andre's rating of the film F for Fake

    Welles takes his raw footage, and squeezes from a slight tale of coincidence a whole host of questions about artistic worth. He has fun playing around with the new quick cut, soft focus aesthetic too, producing some pretty haunting effects. Heretical thought: Is the sequence with Oja Kodar Welles attempting to show his erstwhile protoge Jess Franco how you make pop art inflected erotic Euroschlock?

  11. Malt Frisky's rating of the film F for Fake

    There's so many layers and Orwell makes it look easy. A second viewing and a wall graph of the events was needed just for me to keep up. For some this is Orwell's final masterpiece and to other an editor's bible on how to structure a film with multiple plots and themes that revolve around the art of fakery with Orwell calmly narrating through the process of this documentary, making of and semi autobiographical work.

  12. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film F for Fake

    Orson Welles' musings on copyright and the nature of film is absolutely fascinating!

  13. Faysal Kadow's rating of the film F for Fake

    One of the most clever and original documentaries ever made, makes you feel like your in a magic show, literally. A must for anyone who wants to learn the craft of editing.

  14. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film F for Fake

    maybe too avant-garde for me...

  15. lbunuel's rating of the film F for Fake

    In the epilogue of "El Hacedor", Borges says that that is his most personal book, not because it's confessional, but precisely because it's the one with the largest amount of mirrors, doubles and lies. The same thing happens here. Through the many masks Welles uses, he makes explicit the very fabric of his work - and the foundations of the man himself. This is a film of immensurable honesty and beauty.

  16. João Ricardo's rating of the film F for Fake

  17. En Sangers Bøn's rating of the film F for Fake

    Clever and charming cinematographic experimentation with the unique Orson Welles’touch. Powerful magical, illusonary tendency in art (mainly the speculative, avant-garde modern art) and in cinema (the art of lies by excellence). Morality : don’t trust the experts and don’t be fooled by the marketing fraud.

  18. dionysus67's rating of the film F for Fake

    Authentic masterpiece from one of the greatest 'forgers' of cinematic truth, who, like Elmyr, holds dear whatever he attempts to forge and imitate. Ultimately, Welles' venomous humor targets not 'authenticity' as such but the community of experts and their arrogance in resorting to authenticity as a criterion whilst forging it as part of their role and profession. The end of a rhapsodic era in a genuine work of art!

  19. Gary Brodnax's rating of the film F for Fake

    This is a wonderful stock-taking of Orson's unparalleled life and it demonstrates how magic and the juxtaposition of truth and illusion can give us really special moments.

  20. waywardwaters's rating of the film F for Fake

    After a career of being blackballed and ostracized by his puppet masters, walrus Welles has the last laugh in examining the validity of “art” (as a mode of commodity in pulling the wool over eyes of the masses) by exposing the industry amusingly in a swiftly cut, structurally fresh yet entirely coherent film essay. What better way to affix the main thesis than in a comedic coda provoking an all-time con-artist?

  21. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film F for Fake

    Its part documentary about forged art- and part Welles fucking with narrative structure and just having fun making movies. A high note for him to go out on and a sneak peak into what went through Welles' head.

  22. Ethan's rating of the film F for Fake

    This is a brilliant documentary that goes beyond the conventions of documentary to deliver a scathing piece on the art of illusion in its many forms. Welles was one of the masters who continually defied cinematic norms and made it look great.

  23. hemachandra's rating of the film F for Fake

    I think this one is more of film essay than a documentary. Also, it is a "witty" film (it probably inspired Michael Moore).

  24. Terry_Moby's rating of the film F for Fake

    4.2 Great, especially the editing is as brilliant as possible... May I ask about Oja Kodar? Is she Orson´s Yoko Ono?

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