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  1. Photo of Nathan Hope

    Nathan Hope Director

  2. Photo of Martha Mitchell

    Martha Mitchell Director

  3. Photo of Russell Mulcahy

    Russell Mulcahy Director

  4. Photo of David Platt

    David Platt Director

  5. Photo of Scott Speer

    Scott Speer Director

  6. Photo of R.L. Stine

    R.L. Stine Screenplay

  7. Photo of Christian Taylor

    Christian Taylor Screenplay

  8. Photo of Emmy Grinwis

    Emmy Grinwis Screenplay

  9. Photo of Meredith Glynn

    Meredith Glynn Screenplay

  10. Photo of Victoria Justice

    Victoria Justice Cast

  11. Photo of Casey Deidrick

    Casey Deidrick Cast

  12. Photo of Harvey Guillen

    Harvey Guillen Cast

  13. Photo of Marcus Callender

    Marcus Callender Cast

  14. Photo of Scott Whyte

    Scott Whyte Cast

  15. Photo of Kiersey Clemons

    Kiersey Clemons Cast

  16. Photo of John Garet Stoker

    John Garet Stoker Cast

  17. Photo of Ryan Cooper

    Ryan Cooper Cast

  18. Photo of Melanie Nicholls-King

    Melanie Nicholls-King Cast