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Directed by Atom Egoyan
Canada, 1994


Atom Egoyan’s cryptic Exotica revolves largely around a strip club, which lends the film its name, a faux-tropical hothouse where young female dancers cater to their customers’ sexual and psychological needs.

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Exotica Directed by Atom Egoyan

Critics reviews

Because Egoyan is a master at strategically withholding information, it takes a long time just to work out exactly what’s going on, and even longer for the story’s multiple strands to converge. When they finally do, however, Exotica—much like Egoyan’s subsequent film, The Sweet Hereafter—proves to be a devastatingly cathartic exploration of tragedy’s aftermath and the ways that people attempt to cope with inexpressible grief.
August 20, 2014
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The saddest parts of Exotica — Atom Egoyan’s lush and affecting sixth feature, a movie inflected like its predecessors by obsessive sexual rituals and desperate familial longings — are moments when money awkwardly changes hands… Exotica has plenty to say about the modern world, including the psychological, social, and racial (even colonial) ramifications of “exotic” sexual tastes, but class difference isn’t a significant part of its agenda either.
March 17, 1995
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What are people saying?

  • HSBilly's rating of the film Exotica

    the striptease distracted me for what the film already told me, when i could knew what happened. awesome.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Exotica

    I'm glad I watched it a second time. In between viewings I watched 'The Sweet Hereafter', which gave me more insight into his theme of healing. This is the darker version of that idea. Another thing that struck me was how kind and gentle some of the interactions were. Not used to seeing that. I think it's due to being made in Canada. They really are nicer people.

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Exotica

    A drama of human reason clashing with animal lust wrapped up in a seamless and visually sumptuous stream of consciousness.

  • oluiver's rating of the film Exotica

    * for the sign language school girl strip tease * for the gaudy and beautiful strip club interiors * for materialising my gay louis theroux fantasy * for documenting gay sex for ballet tickets -* for the film not being not just being sign language strip teases and egg-obsessed gays

  • Joel's rating of the film Exotica

    Atom Egoyan's fascination with the dark parts of lonely people is centered in the location of Exotica. Where sexuality becomes canvas for human longing and lostness. An interesting character study with his particular blend of style. I think I assumed this would have more of a drive to it and so I had to reasses when confronted with the slow search for meaning and comfort in tragedy.

  • Terra's rating of the film Exotica

    I went into this film not expecting much. I was just looking for a wacky trip fest B movie with plenty of nudity to watch while I painted my nails. Exotica is a beautiful, poetic dance. From just reading the brief plot summary I couldn't have predicted that I would be so completely moved by this film. The script and visuals still linger in my mind a week later. So happy I found this cinematic gem!

  • LI-IX's rating of the film Exotica

    One word is enough to describe "Exotica" with total precision: hypnotic. This seems to be an obvious description, as the whole film is bound to provoke that same feeling, but I have to admit Egoyan's complete success. The dark, dense atomsphere he creates around this strip club and its mysterious frequenters is one of the most immersive ambiances of modern cinema.

  • Malkin's rating of the film Exotica

    People in torment, orbiting one another, linked only by memories and by the cold hard cash which they insist upon paying. Commerce as connection and the inevitable, inescapable sense that their days are slipping away, counting down. Each person has their own baggage and the best we can do is skim along the same path for a little while.

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