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379 Ratings

Doctor Sleep

Directed by Mike Flanagan
United States, 2019


Danny is drifting through America in order to shed his father’s alcoholism, which passed down to him in order to forget the events of The Shining. After landing into a small Massachusetts town and with the aid of a cat, he becomes Doctor Sleep. He then will be faced with The True Knot and his past.

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Doctor Sleep Directed by Mike Flanagan

What are people saying?

  • Jason's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    Going about business idiosyncratic, handsomely peppered with fascinating details, DOCTOR SLEEP operates vaguely like 21st century longform, television and streaming, even evoking for me TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. It's not Manichean; little Abra is a sadist. Ultimately Flanagan's film is a kind of trauma workshop in which personal responsibility becomes purely instrumental, facilitating breakthrough, doom remaining doom.

  • Renton47's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    Thematically some incredibly rich and disturbing ideas & conceptually the articulate film-making we have come to expect from Flanagan (having really hit his stride with Hill House and this). I became really disinterested as it elaborated on the magic lore, lots of trickery and not much sense of stakes.

  • Z's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    A misguided attempt by Stephen King to recontextualize and wrest control of "The Shining" and it's cinematic legacy from Kubrick's clutches. King fails again of course and this movie falters every time it references the much better, classic, original film. Ewan McGregor's performance is adequate, not much more. Loads of exposition and speechifying lead to too many third act contrivances and a ridiculous conclusion.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    Flanagan's adaptation of the King sequel is one of the great surprises of the year. It serves as both tribute to King's prose and to Kubrick's masterful adaptation of 'The Shining' (famously disliked by King). The leads are exceptionally well cast but it's Flanagan's feel for the genre and the directorial choices he makes that gives this film its own voice while not compromising what came before.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    A strange and not very good movie. The worst thing is the horrible miscasting of McGregor and Ferguson who are useless in their roles unable to give life to their characters. The story of Abra and True Knot is whole other movie we did not need. Had Flanagan focused only on Danny's redemption and dealing with the past I think the movie would´ve worked better. The movie looks and feels too bland and too safe.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    Mike Flanagan is on the dwindling list of filmmakers working today who believe in the emotional capacity and potential of the horror genre (M. Night Shyamalan is also on that list). In "Doctor Sleep," shared psychic trauma becomes a bond between one generation and the next. The idea that the demons of one's past could one day be let out of their box and utilized as a force against evil is a lovely thought.

  • Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    I liked it - more than Kubrick's overrated void of a movie. It's really close to impossible to do justice to King on screen, due to how internal a writer he is and how seemingly no filmmaker is willing to depict the goofier aspects of his books. Flanagan comes close and made an entertaining film and I really liked Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson, who wonderfully chews scenery, in this. It's a very solid film.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Doctor Sleep

    The fact "Doctor Sleep" is not the "Shock Treatment" of sequels is a thing to praise on its own. The film is a hefty metaphor for addiction, but it's often too focused on True Knot as opposed to Dan, the most interesting character with the most compelling predicament. Mike Flanagan is a careful director, albeit one with a fairly ho-hum style, and the last act plays too much like a theme park ride of "The Shining."

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