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  1. Photo of Julien Duvivier

    Julien Duvivier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Dorat

    Charles Dorat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Bessy

    Maurice Bessy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre-Aristide Bréal

    Pierre-Aristide Bréal Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  6. Photo of Danièle Delorme

    Danièle Delorme Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Arnoux

    Robert Arnoux Cast

  8. Photo of Liliane Bert

    Liliane Bert Cast

  9. Photo of Gérard Blain

    Gérard Blain Cast

  10. Photo of Lucienne Bogaert

    Lucienne Bogaert Cast

  11. Photo of Aimé Clariond

    Aimé Clariond Cast

  12. Photo of Gabrielle Fontan

    Gabrielle Fontan Cast

  13. Photo of Germaine Kerjean

    Germaine Kerjean Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Manuel

    Robert Manuel Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Pizani

    Robert Pizani Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Paul Roussillon

    Jean-Paul Roussillon Cast

  17. Photo of Gaby Basset

    Gaby Basset Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Demange

    Paul Demange Cast

  19. Photo of Olga Valéry

    Olga Valéry Cast

  20. Photo of Betty Beckers

    Betty Beckers Cast

  21. Photo of Jane Morlet

    Jane Morlet Cast

  22. Photo of Gérard Fallec

    Gérard Fallec Cast

  23. Photo of Maxime-Fabert

    Maxime-Fabert Cast

  24. Photo of Camille Guérini

    Camille Guérini Cast

  25. Photo of Jacques Fayet

    Jacques Fayet Cast

  26. Photo of Colette Mareuil

    Colette Mareuil Cast

  27. Photo of Roger Saget

    Roger Saget Cast

  28. Photo of Catherine Fath

    Catherine Fath Cast

  29. Photo of Alfred Goulin

    Alfred Goulin Cast

  30. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  31. Photo of Jean Wiener

    Jean Wiener Music

  32. Photo of Robert Gys

    Robert Gys Production Design

  33. Photo of Georges Agiman

    Georges Agiman Producer

  34. Photo of René Bézard

    René Bézard Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Raymond Borderie

    Raymond Borderie Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Pierre Cabaud

    Pierre Cabaud Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Marthe Poncin

    Marthe Poncin Editing