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  1. parnian janatimehr's rating of the film Clean

  2. lina maj's rating of the film Clean

  3. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Clean

  4. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Clean

    It's the first time in a few years that I've seen Clean, which had always been my least favorite Assayas. I've softened to it for whatever reason. It's the most sentimental film I've seen from the director, and while it sags in the middle and has an overall pretty clunky script, that closing scene where Maggie Cheung goes full on Lou Reed—I bawled.

  5. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Clean

    A great drama that shows addiction knows no border line and no nationalities. A great central performance from Maggie Cheung leads the film as it demonstrates the difficulties involved with getting over bad habits.

  6. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Clean

    Drugs are bad, mmm-kay? This film was worse than drugs. It gets two stars because of Nick Nolte. In fact, watch "The Good Thief" instead for a better cinematic treatment of the drug-addled struggle. Also, the choice of Brian Eno's "An Ending (Ascent)" as the leitmotif music is particularly galling to me, as it was used 4 years prior for the closing titles of "Traffic", Soderbergh's 2000 film about the drug trade.

  7. Feng Ling's rating of the film Clean

    surprised to see how many ppl here didn't react to the story. maybe it's because I knew enough real life grandparents-mother-child conflict/resolutions? or maybe I'm just a "Lifetime channel" melodrama junkie!? it wasn't earth shattering nor tear pouring, but so isn't life usually. cinematography, directing & acting all worked seamlessly towards the plot. "name-dropping" wasn't a problem for me b/c I'm too ignorant

  8. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Clean

    Great performances, direction and camera work. I understand people's love for the film. It's just not for me. I didn't respond to the subject matter. (Just don't care about these kinds of stories). But that's just me. I totally get why others do. No worries.

  9. muse_x's rating of the film Clean

    Redeemed by the cinematography + director's work. Preferred Irma Vep. Yeah.

  10. David R Williams's rating of the film Clean

    A bonus point for Assayas' channeling of his inner Antonioni and capturing the eerie beauty of Hamilton's industrial-scape but Cheung is far too radiant to be believable as a junkie and the story is too Lifetime channel to hold interest.

  11. Nick Potter's rating of the film Clean

    I haven't seen a performance near the caliber of Maggie Cheung's in quite some time and I'm emotionally devastated in such a beautiful and glorious way.

  12. John Tuohy's rating of the film Clean

    I've always liked Maggie Cheung's work but somehow this movie was slow going for me.

  13. Alvin Case's rating of the film Clean

    Viewing this picture, it becomes clear why it was lauded at Cannes for the work Maggie Cheung puts in bringing her character to life, and for the wonderful, free, and beautiful camera work. The hidden gem in here is the work of Nick Nolte. Here is an actor who has proven time and again just how good he can be if you give him the write character to play and a good script to work from. And Assayas? A fearless pro.

  14. ashley george's rating of the film Clean

    Beautiful film about forgiveness, adapting and healing. Loved Cheung and really enjoyed Nolte's performance as well. Great casting. Steady pacing. Powerful story.

  15. 2multo's rating of the film Clean

    Moody and real at times. Worth watching.

  16. saltwater's rating of the film Clean

    Well... the script falls flat here. Story isn't that interesting and contrived in several key areas of the plot. Thankfully, the cinematography is beautiful. Cheung is obviously miscast, but is great, as always.

  17. Stefanie Nicole's rating of the film Clean

  18. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Clean

    Mostly for / Surtout pour Maggie CHEUNG ...

  19. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Clean

    Maggie is good but poorly used. Cinematically its incredibly unimaginative. But outside of Irma Vep thats how I tend to feel about Assaya's. He is one of the more overrated Directors in the world. Just not a good movie

  20. SuperMoominpapa's rating of the film Clean

    Being a fan of Maggie Cheung and Assayas's Irma Vep, I thought that I would enjoy this film. But, no it left me emotionally detached and un-satisfied. Any film that deals with the death of a lover and estrangement of mother and child should be allowed to show some sort of emotion without being called mawkish or overly sentimental.

  21. Redundant Cinema's rating of the film Clean

    I can't even begin to describe just how bad this film is. There is no good angle about it. Lazy film making (one more fade-out and I would have turned it off), terrible performances all around (Nolte was TERRIBLE) and a dreadfully pretentious story line (the name dropping was incessant and unnecessary). Beatrice Dalle was the only reason I watched this film, and I wish I had that hour and a half back now. Terrible.

  22. Greg's rating of the film Clean

    I really wanted to like this, but I just didn't. I felt like it didn't have much to say. Also l think Maggie Cheung's character (brilliant as her performance was) got off too easy.

  23. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Clean

    The ONLY film by this director I like.

  24. NICOLE86's rating of the film Clean

    Fantastic performance by Cheung

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