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  1. Ervirdi's rating of the film City Lights

  2. angeldromero's rating of the film City Lights

    Not a single dull moment. The boxing scene is insanely hilarious and the emotional climax is one of the most remarkably moving of its kind in cinema's history.

  3. jonrock411's rating of the film City Lights

    One of the best endings in cinema history 

  4. sklavenmoral's rating of the film City Lights

    Sigmund Freud as a doctor 4+

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film City Lights

    70/100 (Abd yapımı 1965 öncesi toplam 10 tane filan doğal ve gerçekçi film var. Maalesef. Geri kalan hepsi Hollywood'un itelemesi. Bu filmi de 5 sene önce filan izleyip çok etkilenmiştim. Çok fazla mantıklı düşünemiyordum. Dün tekrar izledim. Hata yaptığımı anladım. Sırf ilkleri yaşattığı için ve son sahnesi için 70. O adamın sarhoşken farklı, normalken farklı davranması gibi bir saçmalık olan film için fazla puan.)

  6. Semaj Rose's rating of the film City Lights

    The least humorous of all of Chaplain's film's but also his most tender and emotional. This is a sweet romance with a lot to say about the nature of poverty that still has relevance today. It drags in spots, and can get a bit too pushy with it's message, but overall it's quite enjoyable. The notoriously perfectionist director hammered out every kink until he created a flawlessly shot, flawlessly acted picture.

  7. Malt Frisky's rating of the film City Lights

    Wow, my first Chaplin film! The final gasp of the silent film age it's a good thing that without even title cards needed you can show this to anyone on the planet with no need to worry about what language they speak. What impresses me is how Chaplin can take a gag and then just keeping working with it over and over from different angles. But the final scene essentially shows the tramp in comedy and poetry form.

  8. Gabriele Malagoli's rating of the film City Lights

  9. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film City Lights

    A quite overlong addition to the romantic-comedy/gag-comedy style. Despite this silent film still conveying its narrative these genres/ lack of audio doesn't ring true. Chaplin may have been a supreme physical actor, but it's odd why the 'megastar' made a dull script silent, as talkies in the cinema were becoming, and City Lights could've had actual depth. It's just a bad game of charades.

  10. Renton47's rating of the film City Lights

    There is technical brilliance in Chaplin but what generates magic is how unconscious we can be of this while viewing. Rewatching scenes out context I was struck by how certain scenes wouldn't at all work with an edit, which might be called synthesis. The comedic and romantic scenes always work in service of one another. But while watching it's poetry - no eye on the technique at all.

  11. Nayrz's rating of the film City Lights

    O desespero de viver em uma cidade grande, contra a força de espirito e a beleza das pequenas vitorias de seus habitantes, que o vagabundo usa como motivação para continuar sua trajetória.

  12. Vince W's rating of the film City Lights

  13. Vince Wynne's rating of the film City Lights

  14. cineholic's rating of the film City Lights

    The last film I watched in 2017. A charming way to close the year. Chaplin's film zips along, buoyed by its humor and strong use of dramatic irony. Even the intertitles are used to great comic effect.

  15. dionysus67's rating of the film City Lights

    Extremely important film and charming in many many ways: From the beautifully lit sets, the great gags in the most memorable boxing match of all time, the deep, yet tacit, philsophical acumen in the attempted suicide scene, the eyes of Virginia Cherrill and the 'eyes' of humanity, so truthfully and clearly evoked by the story. Genuinely poetic and extremely moving, one of the best films on 'giving'.

  16. SpacePirate's rating of the film City Lights

    Just beautiful and expertly crafted silent comedy. Every nuance perfected. Many classic moments, from the attempted drowning scene, drunken ballroom scene, boxing match,... Im not one to fawn over Chaplin much, but one can't argue this is his masterpiece, just slightly better than Gold Rush. The end imo was weak compared to the rest, but I can overlook it. Makes the rest of the film seem that much more perfect.

  17. Skinnedteen's rating of the film City Lights

    One of the most influential film in cinematic history. Effortlessly interweaving slapstick and sentiment while documenting the essence of it's time. It's humour is timeless and something that everyone, upper, middle or lower class can enjoy!

  18. film_frame's rating of the film City Lights

    One of the first films to find the perfect blend of humor, melodrama, and cinema. Chaplin was one of the true visual masters. It also contains one of the greatest endings in film history.

  19. Ben Nash's rating of the film City Lights

    There's a very good reason why Chaplin is remembered so fondly.

  20. Inconnue's rating of the film City Lights

  21. MS1915's rating of the film City Lights

  22. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film City Lights

    Perhaps Chaplin’s most iconic film where the Tramp falls in love with a blind woman, who has mistaken him for a rich man. Hilarity ensues.

  23. Ananta Vania Iswardhani's rating of the film City Lights

  24. Ethan's rating of the film City Lights

    Quite possibly Chaplin's greatest film. This film will make you feel all emotions, once you stop laughing it will bring tears to your eyes. Chaplin really knew how to touch people with comedy.

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