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Directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau
France, 1992


22 year old Céline holds her father as he dies in her arms shortly after revealing that she was adopted. She seeks comfort from her boyfriend, who, upon discovering she’s not heir to the fortune he thought, leaves her. She is abandoned, bereft, and at the brink of despair until she meets Genevieve.

Céline Directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau

Critics reviews

As in every Brisseau film, Céline’s narrative premise—just like its mise en scène and editing—constantly and surprisingly moves up another notch, to an entirely different level.
July 30, 2019
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  • Turr's rating of the film Céline

    This is a film which made me comfortable with its process of healing and also through the slow, yet deadly premonition of death never failed to neglect the process of connecting with others and learning to move on. The embrace of the extraordinary found in "ordinary" nature is communicated perfectly through the shots. It can seem easy to linger on moments which overstay their welcome, yet Brisseau makes me want more

  • josé neves's rating of the film Céline

    DCP, rewatched. From the same year of Guiguet's "Le Mirage" and a close relative in the pathos of its cinematic elements: Nature (and its sounds, extremely present), "la musica", steady shots, frames of a mysterious spatiality, overshadowed by a sensibily made of romanticism's memory. In 1992 were still made movies that seems impossible today, reduced that we are to a blank naturalism or a distorted infantilization.

  • Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Céline

    The twist twists its way through the entire duration of the film, like a lifting fog of lazy enlightenment. From the beginning, the puzzling relation between the two women is already a charged premise that later almost gets stuck in a cookie jar of cinematic splendor, but it all fits in perfectly. Could have done less and been equally effective.

  • tidal waif's rating of the film Céline

    The rhetoric on spirituality, grace & harmony with nature has overflown to a degree that another line perched onto pre-existing & abundantly false ecstasies deflects in candid kitsch. It's hip to show off Luddite nature worship on tech-dependent media feeds, posh to beautify trauma. Here however these affaires privées ring with pronounced truth, thwarted by lead's angelic luminance being an irreducibly sinful vision.

  • roujin's rating of the film Céline

    This is some of the most beautiful filmmaking I've ever seen.

  • Baylee Bell's rating of the film Céline

    This film takes you deep into whats it like to process life changing events. It is filmed with care and grace and feels s bit dream-like. Although it sometimes feels a bit slow and the pacing is a bit dull, I think that's a bit of the point. Going through the motions is hard and feels mundane, but worth it in the end when things start to get better and the world feels alive again.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Céline

    Lovely pacing, with appropriately slow zoom in/out shots. Great acting from both the leads. The tone and music are spot-on. The plot remains mysterious enough that the audience doesn't ever get ahead of the action. Only wish the representation of death weren't so cliched.

  • Monsieur Simon Cinema's rating of the film Céline

    I deeply enjoyed the first part of the film but after the drift into the supernatural I found myself kind bored but after the film came back to its course it finished well. The camera, the cinematography and the performances were on point and it successfully mixed Rohmer and Kieślowski 4.5/5 Would visit again.

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