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But I'm a Cheerleader

Directed by Jamie Babbit
United States, 1999
Comedy, Drama, Romance


Teenager Megan is so strong-willed that her parents think that she may be a lesbian, so they send her to a ‘rehabilitation camp’, but the feisty youngster only finds that the more she is indoctrinated against homosexuality the more she comes to question her own sexuality.

Our take

Starring Natasha Lyonne, But I’m a Cheerleader is a delightful, highly stylized queer comedy which graced the end of a decade in American cinema otherwise ruled by heteronormative rom-coms. Co-starring Michelle Williams and RuPaul (out of drag!), this sweet, satirical yarn is due for rediscovery.

But I'm a Cheerleader Directed by Jamie Babbit

Critics reviews

Though the film’s trajectory is a bit predictable, it’s become a favorite on the midnight cult circuit and allows us to laugh at the absurdity of such institutions like True Directions thanks to stellar, knockabout performances from an impassioned cast.
July 06, 2016
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“But I’m a Cheerleader’s” title evokes big-fun ’50s B-movies like “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and their spoofs (“So I Married an Ax-Murderer”). And Babbit has a blast toying with the conventions.
July 07, 2000
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