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190 Ratings

Body Bags

United States, 1993
Horror, Thriller, TV Movie


Three short stories in the horror genre. The first about a serial killer. The second about a hair transplant gone wrong. The third about a blind baseball player.

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Body Bags Directed by John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Larry Sulkis

What are people saying?

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Body Bags

    Somewhere between good and bad, trying and not trying, creativity and cliche lies Body Bags: two masters of horror doing their routine for an ersatz 90s cable pilot. Hooper completists will be more satisfied than Carpenter ones, but if it's not exactly good, even by the standards of bad taste, how could the cult value not be fun? Sam Raimi as a corpse? Debbie Harry as an oversexed nurse? Mark Hamill with an evil eye?

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Body Bags

    Aside from the knee-slapping quips from John Carpenter himself doing his best Cryptkeeper impersonation, there just isn’t much to like in these segments. They all feel badly conceived: being thinly developed, lacking true scares and laughs, and never rising out of their stories generics to make you not notice how non-creative they are. Their sense of energy and fun is undercut by this lack.

  • film_lies101's rating of the film Body Bags

    I liked the first installment (for the most part), the second had a few chuckles, the last one is the most derivative and therefore, the least essential. This is obviously Showtime's attempt to cash in on the success of HBO's 'Tales From The Crypt', with Carpenter himself playing a poor man's version of the Cryptkeeper. I can't really recommend it as the material feels second rate

  • Bob's rating of the film Body Bags

    John Carpenter is your host, Wes Craven is your town's drunk, Sam Raimi is employee of the month and Haddonfield citizen is your serial killer. It's a lot more comedy than horror and - even though is everything you'd expect from a TV movie - it's still a fun ride and a most see for any horror anthology buff. Hair transplant story is brilliance for itself, while the rest is pretty much watchable.

  • dave gunn's rating of the film Body Bags

    I thought this was loads of fun, and it’s an obvious must-see for any lover of the horror genre with all of its cameos by some of the genre’s legends. Plus, it’s Carpenter directing, scoring, and hosting.

  • Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Body Bags

    Good horror house fun, good Mark Hamill performance. It is a collection of three short horror films introduced by a cadaver named John Carpenter, the first and last tales are pretty good.

  • Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Body Bags

    Way better than Creepshow. The first story is a bit dissimilar from the others, but it is legitimately scary with how vulnerable its protagonist is being alone in a gas station late at night. The second story is the goofiest, but it made me shiver because of how creepy it is. It felt very original. Mark Hamill's story is the weakest, but Hamill gives some good acting. Also, I loved the funny Carpenter interludes.

  • A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Body Bags

    While certainly not the worst horror anthology out there, none of the stories are ultimately worth recommending. "The Gas Station" build up a lot of suspense, but has a lackluster payoff. "Hair," easily the worst of the three, suffers from a weak concept played too straight for it's own good. "The Eye" boasts a twisted Mark Hamill, but the concept is far from original. It's an easy watch, but nothing remarkable.

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