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654 Ratings


Directed by Michael Mann
United States, 2015
Action, Crime, Drama


Nick Hathaway, an extremely talented hacker who has gone astray, finds his way out of a 15 year prison sentence when parts of a computer code he once wrote during his youth appears in a malware that triggered a terrorist attack in a factory in China.

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Blackhat Directed by Michael Mann
For all these major and minor changes, this director’s cut is still essentially the “Blackhat” we all know and (some people) love: it’s occasionally clumsy and silly, but nevertheless full of formal beauty that suggest an ocean of thematic subtext. I didn’t necessarily come away feeling like I had experienced a road-to-Damascus conversion to the “Blackhat” cause, but at the very least the director’s cut brought the film’s already considerable virtues into sharper relief.
February 11, 2016
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Blackhat’s decimating penultimate action sequence gunshots and bullet impacts carry the weight of sledgehammers, thundercracks followed by hurtled bodies, instantly killed. The more freeform, spontaneous, dancing camerawork of Blackhat lets us feel the physicality of the camera: it reacts, it adapts, we are aware of its presence, and perhaps its complicity poised at Mann’s mythological forefront of work and longing.
February 09, 2016
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I count myself among its fervid cult. Boring gripes about unbelievability and Chris Hemsworth’s inappropriate chiseled-ness and slippery accent seemed to make up much of the criticism, though Mann’s slick and considered digital style (refined since 2004’s Collateral) and balletic open-air action scenes are as strong as anything in Miami Vice (2006).
February 04, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Blackhat

    Supposedly in the periphery of Mann's many other fascinatingly atmospheric, psychologically robust and criminologically informed nocturnal thrillers, 'Blackhat' possesses a charming B-movie lustre orchestrated as an Oriental manhunt in the era of digital warfare. Hemsworth's expressionless hero is not the best choice but the film has a captivating existentialist touch, evident in the muscular gunfight sequences.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Blackhat

    The world may keep changing (cyberterrorism is now a thing) but Michael Mann is still here: synths, techno-fetishism, nighttime cityscapes, and strong, silent heroes and the underwritten women who love them. The story is rough around the edges with cliches in the center, but this return to basics is worth it for an authentically digital, global spin and a cool-as-ice ending. I'd take it over the last 2 Nolan films.

  • Kamran's rating of the film Blackhat An exceptionally versatile aesthetic allows MANN to seamlessly transition between film types. Daring, Candid, and Different...It offends the senses out of lack of familiarity, not out of lack of art. The film is a grower... Blackhat is five films in one. It is not what we’re used to, but maybe it’s where we are going. 86/100 – Excellent

  • T. J. Mesen's rating of the film Blackhat

    Mann has a way of capturing bodies interacting with the space around them that's only as extraordinary as his ability to capture nightscapes. A film of broken communication and broken data, Blackhat is an exercise in pure form, with Mann concerned by the emotional effect of images, and a disregard for narrative logic and plausibility in favour of tech/digital beauty. His most experimental film, and one of 2015's best

  • anarresti's rating of the film Blackhat

    (Spoiler) I think I missed what other people are finding brilliant about this movie. Maybe I am just not inclined to find a story like this awe inspiring. It seems like international conspiracy, even James Bond, big crime, done with a nice script. But nothing extraordinary. Fun, but with all the predictable cliché ingredients. The convict that is given a chance, the couple, the final scene in the crowd. Kinda boring.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Blackhat

    Michael Mann's latest faces an uphill battle: not only is the film dealing with an inherently un-cinematic subject matter in computer hacking, but it features one of the most seemingly convoluted espionage plots since "Quantum of Solace." Thankfully, Mann appears absolutely engaged by the material, pushing the boundaries of digital photography closer to the abstract than any other studio filmmaker would dare.

  • Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Blackhat

    Michael Mann is a hack who's long been eclipsed by his dubious disciples in his quest for the coolest thief, the most brilliant serial killer, the suavest hit man; now he's simply another anonymity making Hollywood cartoons. Here we have the chiseled computer hacker, invincible dispatcher of highly trained villains and ace cracker of the most elaborate villainous schemes. Words can't express how dumb all this is.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Blackhat

    Absolutely atrocious! It's been a long time since I've seen such a boring and lacklustre movie. I'm a big fan of Mann but this was beyond bad for such a good director. The script was terrible and Hemsworth cannot carry a movie on his own. There is nothing save for some great cinemaphotography to be enjoyed in this movie. Stay clear and stay happy!

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