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  1. easternicko's rating of the film Ali

  2. Aditya Watts's rating of the film Ali

    Feb'19 - Mann is great at building mood and atmosphere. Great music and use of music. Fine film.

  3. Franklinton Underground Cinema's rating of the film Ali

    Mann's Sam Cooke opening is a masterclass of cinematic montage, challenging the typically clunky, awkward introductions of the average bio-pic. The film lacks the humanizing qualities of Spike Lee's Malcolm X, but is an otherwise immersive experience into the world of Ali.

  4. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Ali

    Smith's perfectly cast; the two men have similar personalities. Balances so many emotions (romance, heartbreak, inspiration, adrenaline, turmoil, and philosophy) focusing not just on long boxing matches, but various characters, with great period details. So expansive that it's everything it can be in its length. It's also easily the best Smith film, perhaps Mann's most underrated, and one of the best sports biopics.

  5. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Ali

    In those first ten minutes of scenes and dialogues all flowing and responding to each other, Michael Mann makes a better case for cinematic jazz than Damien Chazelle in two feature films.

  6. Viginti_tres's rating of the film Ali

    I might question why this is a movie about Ali and not the Civil Rights movement, or question why such a long movie only covers these condensed snippets of the mans life, I might, if not for the opening ten minutes which should put Mann beyond questioning.

  7. pluviosity's rating of the film Ali

    for me, it's a film on Ali's charm, yet did not actually tell a story.

  8. Kamran's rating of the film Ali

    Incredibly visceral, emotive, and (digitally) adaptive. Boasting amongst the best editing and cinematography displayed in recent film, particularly digital. This may be Mann's finest hour, and is certainly Will Smith's. 93/100 - Amazing.

  9. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film Ali

    Very detailed when it comes to the times and the subject matter. Yet something is missing. Although a biopic, in the end it becomes focused more on outside processes and characters (Malcolm X and so on) rather than Ali himself. Doesn't ruin the movie, but leaves a bit to be desired.

  10. smndvdcl's rating of the film Ali

    Will Smith should have won an Oscar for his portrayal. An astonishing cinematic achievement.

  11. Violet Rien's rating of the film Ali

    I think that this is the kind of film that, in a couple of years, I will have completely forget about.

  12. cinegeek.de's rating of the film Ali

    (...)Michael Mann erzählt die Geschichte zwar nicht dokumentarisch, aber es fehlt ein echter Zugang zum Helden. Genau das aber wäre die Aufgabe eines fiktionalen Nacherzählens der wahren Geschichte! Wir sehen zwar, aber wir fühlen es nicht.(...)

  13. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Ali

  14. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film Ali

    the audience laughing is to familiar. like indonesian sitcom "Bajaj Bajuri"

  15. Ghostman's rating of the film Ali

    one of the most inspiring films ever made!

  16. Meastro0's rating of the film Ali

    Brilliant presentation of great Ali's character. Will Smith at his best.

  17. Star Lord's rating of the film Ali

    Un pò lento ma, tutto sommato, un gran film su un grandissimo combattente. Will Smith sontuoso.

  18. Jason's rating of the film Ali

  19. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Ali

    The narrative is woefully inconsistent in tone and pacing, but this is Mann at the peak of his stylistic powers. The opening fifteen minutes are mesmerizing.

  20. Dave's rating of the film Ali

    Making a movie about an iconic figure like Ali and how does Mann open the film? With Sam f'n Cooke. Doesn't get any cooler. What follows is a 10 minute opening sequence among the most impressive filmmaking of the last decade. Yeah, the Ali story/characters are a bit condensed and simplified, but Mann and Lubezki are amazing the whole way. Perhaps not compellingly dramatic, but this is filmmaking of the highest order.

  21. primos's rating of the film Ali

    In ALI, Will Smith gave a stunning perfomance. I just can’t believe he copied Muhammad Ali perfectly, from body’s muscle, face, also the voice tone! Incredible storyline from the beginning of Ali’s career,until Rumble in the Jungle, the match where Ali took back the champion’s belt which has taken unjustly from him, after he refused to join war with US army in Vietnam.

  22. AyynaMkay's rating of the film Ali

    so inspirational. which is the rare occasion. i believe that biographical films should not only reflect the atmosphere of that time period but to make audience become interested in issues that the movies arise. Ali has done it perfectly. and moreover, it can inspire and motivate. which is the notion of the brilliant movie i guess.

  23. Gondo's rating of the film Ali

    What do we call it again? Right. Cinema!

  24. Steve Macfarlane's rating of the film Ali

    Smith owns the role (and the production), and Mann bends over backwards to comply with the demands put upon him by the assignment without compromising his signature style/interests. The result is not much of a movie dramatically. Instead, it's an awesome visual experience, a brutal tone-poem about becoming a god to millions at a heated moment in American history.

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