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  1. ejonline's rating of the film A.K.

    I love Kurosawa. He's in my top three. I like Marker. However, this didn't add up to much for me. It felt disjointed and overly complicated. More than anything else it seemed unnecessary. A disappointment that made me reconsider that I thought about Marker, not what I thought about Kurosawa.

  2. DrFirestone's rating of the film A.K.

    A brief glimpse into the production effort of "Ran". It reveals small details and there are some lovely scenes here and there. This document doesn't seem to have a clear structure, which worked so well in all the other Chris Marker's work that I've seen - but in this case this gets a bit in the way of being it great. It's still worth watching, especially if you enjoyed "Ran" or are a fan of Akira Kurosawa's work.

  3. philippe.amand's rating of the film A.K.

  4. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film A.K.

    Es magnífico poder ver a Kurosawa seguido con ciertos detalles en un rodaje. De paso, conocer reflexiones acerca del cine que van de la mano con nociones ya conocidas como la de Tarkovski y Esculpir en el Tiempo. Las dimensiones de una producción de Kurosawa son difíciles de dimensionar si no se tienen documentos fílmicos en los cuales quedan consignados los problemas, las estrategias, los aciertos de un gran equipo.

  5. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film A.K.

  6. Yang's rating of the film A.K.

    An insight into the immense scale of film-making, the tedium that exists for large durations of it, the extent of contributions, eyes and skills to it, and Kurosawa who is tasked to control and balance all these moving parts with seemingly zen like demeanour. A.K. doesn't paint a thorough picture, but it offers lots of tid-bits and fascinating insights, such as Kurosawa's own 'Seven Samurai' team. 3.5

  7. fgonzalezse's rating of the film A.K.

  8. carf's rating of the film A.K.

    Para mi gusto: Extraordinario, maravilloso, único documento artístico en el que nos podemos dar una idea de lo que significa filmar una película!!!

  9. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film A.K.

    Como bem diz a sinopse, "uma obra de arte sobre uma obra de arte". Muito mais que um mero 'making-of', uma penetração autorizada nos meandros artísticos de um gênio que lida continuamente com "os demônios de todo cineasta". Capítulos nomeados de maneira inteligentíssima e sintética, servindo-se da trilha musical do filme cujos bastidores foram documentados. Dá muita vontade de rever RAN depois disso: lindo! (WPC>)

  10. renata's rating of the film A.K.

    Excelente documento de los problemas de una filmación.

  11. fry.andrade's rating of the film A.K.

    Love this documentary is the perfect piece if you already read the book. I had read the book about Akira Kurosawa - Something Like as a Biography, and the shocking part about the horrors he lived around his 13 after the earthquake got me astonished, He was a crybaby in his childhood, but he lived a lot of adventures and hard times that forged his future.

  12. lesminho's rating of the film A.K.

  13. Massimo's rating of the film A.K.

  14. Martha Helga's rating of the film A.K.

    This is a clear example of what a making of really means. Extraordinary.

  15. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film A.K.

    How great is to see an artist contemplating another artist at work

  16. Pok's rating of the film A.K.

    Con fantásticas imágenes anacrónicas que muestran a soldados del Japón feudal junto a grúas y vehículos modernos, este making-off revela el estilo de trabajo de Kurosawa, desde la forma afectuosa en que todo su equipo colabora para lograr los resultados hasta su ojo clínico para mostrar la violencia, resaltando en todo momento la calma con que dirige, opuesta a la imagen agresiva y dictatorial de otros cineastas.

  17. Juan Pablo Dircio's rating of the film A.K.

    Although this documentary is beautifully shot, it couldn't get more boring. There is no sign of composition, of story or anything that could call my attention. Certainly, watching a great filmmaker doing his job should be enough to keep my attention, but there is no great effort of telling anything out of this great material.

  18. petit astronaute's rating of the film A.K.

    projection bluray. Les visages de l'humain. Il n'y a rien de chaotique dans un tournage d'un film que s'appelle Chaos (RAN). Plutôt zen, comme le brouillard. Une réflexion sur la nature du Sensei. La poésie dans le regard

  19. Ludovic72's rating of the film A.K.

    (3,5 / 5) Fin 1984 : le grand Akira Kurosawa tourne son film "Ran" aux alentours du Mont Fuji. Chris Marker observe le travail du maître et de ses assistants, les armées de figurants et de chevaux, les longues répétitions, la météo plus que capricieuse, et commente à sa manière didactique / poétique. Un making-of tout à la fois prenant et trop lent, où le manque d'interviews directes finit par gêner quelque peu.

  20. I.Camera's rating of the film A.K.

    An interesting look at the 'sensei' Kurosawa on his last major work. Marker brings his own visual style to the film set, which is far mistier and darker than the color-saturated cinematography I remember from Ran. What's missing is the production background of that film: the 10 years of storyboarding, the death of Kurosawa's wife, and the role of Lucas and then Silberman in bringing him back as a director of epics.

  21. CaÏn Kââ's rating of the film A.K.

    Adorer Chris Marker, adorer Kurosawa, et découvrir que le premier est fasciné par le second. Fasciné en cinéaste. La terre noire du Mont Fuji, pourtant invisible dans Ran, mais qui fait exploser les couleurs des étendards et des chevaux des scènes de bataille. Les astuces d'engivaneur, de bricoleur en brouette ; la vitesse. Le feu, la pluie, le brouillard. L'immense patience du cinéma du maître.

  22. RoRoRoro's rating of the film A.K.

  23. Stefan Drees's rating of the film A.K.

    Marker delivers a great insight into Kurosawa's work at the set, especially of the specific atmosphere and its relation to the rigors of the environment. Takemitsu's music is very well placed as signatures for the individual chapters of the documentary.

  24. Sin título.'s rating of the film A.K.

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