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  1. Photo of David Giles

    David Giles Director

  2. Photo of Alan Plater

    Alan Plater Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joan Hickson

    Joan Hickson Cast

  4. Photo of Ursula Howells

    Ursula Howells Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Sims

    Joan Sims Cast

  6. Photo of Sylvia Syms

    Sylvia Syms Cast

  7. Photo of Renée Asherson

    Renée Asherson Cast

  8. Photo of Samantha Bond

    Samantha Bond Cast

  9. Photo of John Castle

    John Castle Cast

  10. Photo of Paola Dionisotti

    Paola Dionisotti Cast

  11. Photo of Simon Shepherd

    Simon Shepherd Cast

  12. Photo of Mary Kerridge

    Mary Kerridge Cast

  13. Photo of Ralph Michael

    Ralph Michael Cast

  14. Photo of Joyce Carey

    Joyce Carey Cast

  15. Photo of Kevin Whately

    Kevin Whately Cast

  16. Photo of Nicola King

    Nicola King Cast

  17. Photo of Matthew Solon

    Matthew Solon Cast

  18. Photo of Vivienne Moore

    Vivienne Moore Cast

  19. Photo of David Collings

    David Collings Cast

  20. Photo of Elaine Ives-Cameron

    Elaine Ives-Cameron Cast

  21. Photo of Liz Crowther

    Liz Crowther Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Hall

    Peter Hall Cinematography

  23. Photo of Alan Blaikley

    Alan Blaikley Music

  24. Photo of Ken Howard

    Ken Howard Music

  25. Photo of Raymond Cusick

    Raymond Cusick Production Design

  26. Photo of George Gallaccio

    George Gallaccio Producer

  27. Photo of Jerry Leon

    Jerry Leon Editing

  28. Photo of Malcolm Campbell

    Malcolm Campbell Sound

  29. Photo of Brian Willis

    Brian Willis Costume Design