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  1. Risingson Carlos's rating of the film A Night at the Adonis

    I can review a gay porn film in Mubi! Night at the Adonis is a quite fascinating document as it was super meta: a gay porn film shot at the same place where everyone watched this film a bit later, which is also a good documentary on what cruising is and was about (except the guys being hotter here I guess), and of course perfectly legit wank material based on the times before AIDS took a toll on our lives.

  2. Z-666's rating of the film A Night at the Adonis

    i love cruising in old movie theaters like this in cubao

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film A Night at the Adonis

    If you never got a chance to spend a night cruising at the legendary Adonis, this film is your opportunity to experience it through the magic of cinema. Marvelously meta, the action all takes place at the legendary NYC theater, and had it's world premiere at the very same theater. For a really authentic experience, enjoy this with some "poppers" or butyl nitrate, or just leave a bottle open for that "Lockaroma" . . .