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24 Ratings

Directed by Johann Lurf
Austria, 2017
Documentary, Avant-Garde


Lurf’s film is a pandemonium of the most beautiful and the saddest dreams, a ballet of brightly lit gas clouds, a symphony of human fears and rescue fantasies.

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Directed by Johann Lurf

Critics reviews

With both [The Grand Bizarre and ★] utilizing structuralist techniques and owing their form to the history of special effects and animation, their manner of highlighting the dynamic range of patterns found on each frame of a film constitutes a cinematic experience that causes the screen to feel more like a fabric adorned in patterns (to borrow the sentiment from Giuliana Bruno).
December 28, 2018
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Viennese experimental filmmaker Johann Lurf’s latest film ★ is a moving and surprisingly whimsical gem of cinematic archeology of the heavens. It is an astral archive of the stars throughout 115 years of film history and a rapturous celebration of the scope of our imagination to capture that which will be forever beyond our reach—the clear nighttime sky dotted with those blinking specks of eternal light.
May 02, 2018
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By turns tranquil and bombastic, humorous and hypnotic—a completely singular trip through the annals of cinema by way of a most universal visual. By moving chronologically from the silent era to the present day, Lurf has charted a kind of alternate history of the moving image.
March 03, 2018

What are people saying?

  • josé neves's rating of the film ★

    DCP. Indie Lisboa # 2. A film that involved a great deal of investigation and collection of film material and which, on this side, deserves my respect, but which also quickly exposes the elementarity of its editing options, visual and sound, and is, therefore, of a limited range.

  • Mitsunoir's rating of the film ★

    500本以上の映画から星空のカット(月などの部分はカット、宙といったほうが適切)を抜き出して時系列に並べた労作。エンドクレジットの使われた映画リストには見た作品が何十本もあるのにほぼすべてどの作品かわからなかった。やれやれしちゃう。 それよりも実際の星空を撮影しているのは1%にも満たないらしく、プラネタリウムで撮影するとかアニメーションも含まれるとはいえ同じものを見ているはずなのに宇宙のイメージは全く持って一つじゃないことが面白いと思った。中には肉眼では見えないようなイメージがあったけどそこには見えないものを見る科学のチカラを感じたりもした。サイレント以降は音楽やセリフも付与されるけれど、星空は意味的にはいい感じに下塗りされたキャンバスのようだと感じた。

  • Rolando's rating of the film ★

    O trabalho de edição e captura de todas as partes dos filmes na colagem merecem palmas porém a decisão de fazer apenas uma colagem grotesca sem nenhuma narrativa linear deixou muito a desejar, tornando o filme cansativo ao invés de envolvente.

  • Graf von Zahl's rating of the film ★

    I'm sure I will remember this one! Bit tiring but you can learn great deal about starry skies starring in movies throughout history. People tend to get philosophical when looking into the sky

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