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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Breaking the Waves
    2nd Place: Metro Media Award

    Breaking the Waves

  2. Irma Vep

    Irma Vep

  3. La promesse

    La promesse

  4. A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale

  5. Drifting Clouds

    Drifting Clouds

  6. A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence

  7. Pusher


  8. The Pillow Book

    The Pillow Book

  9. My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument

    My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument

  10. Nénette and Boni

    Nénette and Boni

  11. Waiting for Guffman

    Waiting for Guffman

  12. Shine
    People's Choice Award


  13. Ponette


  14. Big Night

    Big Night

  15. The Funeral

    The Funeral

  16. Bound


  17. Swingers


  18. Gabbeh


  19. Beautiful Thing

    Beautiful Thing

  20. Kolya


  21. Trees Lounge

    Trees Lounge

  22. That Thing You Do!

    That Thing You Do!

  23. The Stendhal Syndrome

    The Stendhal Syndrome

  24. For Ever Mozart

    For Ever Mozart

  25. Mahjong


  26. Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

    Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

  27. Hustler White

    Hustler White

  28. Deep Crimson

    Deep Crimson

  29. La rencontre

    La rencontre

  30. Gray's Anatomy

    Gray's Anatomy

  31. Lilies


  32. Kissed
    Best Canadian Feature Film - Special Jury Citation


  33. Prisoner of the Mountains

    Prisoner of the Mountains

  34. Fire


  35. Will It Snow for Christmas?

    Will It Snow for Christmas?

  36. Fly Away Home

    Fly Away Home

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