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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu

    The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu

  2. Three Times
    Best Director

    Three Times

  3. Manderlay


  4. Paradise Now

    Paradise Now

  5. The Bow
    Audience Award

    The Bow

  6. The Wild Blue Yonder

    The Wild Blue Yonder

  7. The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

    The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

  8. Iron Island

    Iron Island

  9. Shanghai Dreams
    Grand Prize

    Shanghai Dreams

  10. Mother of Mine
    Best Actress

    Mother of Mine

  11. Vocal Parallels

    Vocal Parallels

  12. Manslaughter
  13. Garpastum
  14. The Ring Finger

    The Ring Finger

  15. Dying of Love
    Best Story (Animated Dreams Award)

    Dying of Love

  16. Milch
    Animated Dreams Grand Prize Wooden Wolf


  17. Bye Bye Blackbird

    Bye Bye Blackbird

  18. Ordinary Man

  19. Go West

    Go West

  20. Turtles Can Fly
    Special Mention: Youth Jury (Just Film Award)

    Turtles Can Fly

  21. The Color of Milk
    Best Children's Film

    The Color of Milk

  22. Earth and Ashes
    Netpac Award

    Earth and Ashes

  23. The Dark Diamond
    Special Mention: Children's Jury (Just Film Award)

    The Dark Diamond

  24. Popular Music
    Best Youth Film

    Popular Music

  25. City Paradise
    Best Design (Animated Dreams Award)

    City Paradise

  26. Labour Equals Freedom

    Labour Equals Freedom