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National Society of Film Critics Awards

  1. Ran
  2. Shoah
    Best Documentary


  3. The Official Story
    3rd Place: Best Actress

    The Official Story

  4. Lost in America
    Best Screenplay

    Lost in America

  5. Kiss of the Spider Woman
    2nd Place: Best Actor

    Kiss of the Spider Woman

  6. Prizzi's Honor

    Prizzi's Honor

  7. The Falcon and the Snowman
    3rd Place: Best Actor

    The Falcon and the Snowman

  8. Dance with a Stranger
    3rd Place: Best Supporting Actor

    Dance with a Stranger

  9. Wetherby


  10. Plenty
    Best Supporting Actor


  11. Sweet Dreams
  12. The Shooting Party

    The Shooting Party

  13. Streetwise
    3rd Place: Best Documentary


  14. 28 Up
    2nd Place: Best Documentary

    28 Up

  15. The Makioka Sisters
    2nd Place: Best Cinematography

    The Makioka Sisters