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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Mon oncle Antoine

    Mon oncle Antoine

  2. The White Bird Marked with Black
    Golden Prize

    The White Bird Marked with Black

  3. Confessions of a Police Captain
    Golden Prize

    Confessions of a Police Captain

  4. Michael the Brave

    Michael the Brave

  5. God of Thunder
    Silver Prize

    God of Thunder

  6. The Days of Water

    The Days of Water

  7. Mr. Gullible

    Mr. Gullible

  8. Black Seed

    Black Seed

  9. Goya
    Special Prize


  10. Wrathful Journey

    Wrathful Journey

  11. The Key
    Silver Prize

    The Key

  12. Hail, Mary!
    Best Actress

    Hail, Mary!

  13. Mathias Kneissl

    Mathias Kneissl

  14. In the Family
    Silver Prize

    In the Family

  15. The Sandpit Generals

  16. Sagina Mahato

    Sagina Mahato

  17. L'opium et le baton

    L'opium et le baton

  18. Law Breakers

    Law Breakers

  19. Little Big Man
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI Prize

    Little Big Man

  20. The Birch Wood

    The Birch Wood

  21. Live Today, Die Tomorrow!
    Golden Prize

    Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

  22. Cromwell
    Best Actor


  23. Akseli ja Elina

  24. Miss Nhung

    Miss Nhung

  25. The Toth Family

    The Toth Family

  26. Ballad of Carl-Henning

    Ballad of Carl-Henning