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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. A Man and a Woman

    A Man and a Woman

  2. The Round-Up

    The Round-Up

  3. The War Is Over
    Special Mention: Feature Film

    The War Is Over

  4. Rosalie
    Special Mention: Short Film


  5. Thirst for Love

    Thirst for Love

  6. Line of Demarcation

    Line of Demarcation

  7. Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment
    Special Prize

    Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment

  8. And So It Is

    And So It Is

  9. Who Killed Jessie?
    Special Mention: Feature Film

    Who Killed Jessie?

  10. Time to Die

    Time to Die

  11. Before This Night is Over

    Before This Night is Over

  12. Naked Hearts

    Naked Hearts

  13. Smoke over London

    Smoke over London

  14. Siyavosh at Persepolis

    Siyavosh at Persepolis

  15. Le Panier a viande

  16. Well, Well, Well

  17. Eroe vagabondo

  18. Érase una vez
    Special Mention Short Film

    Érase una vez

  19. Grimaces


  20. The Little Quartet
    Special Mention: Short Film

    The Little Quartet

  21. Me, Me, Me... and the Others

    Me, Me, Me... and the Others

  22. It
    Special Mention: Feature Film


  23. Sunday at Six

    Sunday at Six

  24. It Happened Here

    It Happened Here

  25. The Girl

    The Girl

  26. The Roundup

    The Roundup

  27. Mission of Fear

    Mission of Fear

  28. Ballad of the Khevsurs

    Ballad of the Khevsurs

  29. Penguin


  30. Illusion of Blood

    Illusion of Blood

  31. Made in Italy

    Made in Italy

  32. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

    Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

  33. Courage for Every Day
    Grand Prix for the Best Feature Film (Youth Jury Award)

    Courage for Every Day

  34. A Boring Afternoon
    Youth Jury Award (Short Films)

    A Boring Afternoon

  35. Revolution
    Special Mention: Short Film


  36. Beyond Thirteen Rivers

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