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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

  1. A Cambodian Spring
    International Documentary (Special Jury Prize)

    A Cambodian Spring

  2. Maison du Bonheur

    Maison du Bonheur

  3. Bobbi Jene

    Bobbi Jene

  4. Chavela


  5. Devil's Freedom

    Devil's Freedom

  6. Last Men in Aleppo

    Last Men in Aleppo

  7. 78/52


  8. Unrest


  9. Thank You for the Rain

    Thank You for the Rain

  10. A River Below

    A River Below

  11. Quest


  12. Avec l'amour

    Avec l'amour

  13. Photon


  14. Tongue Cutters

    Tongue Cutters

  15. For Ahkeem

    For Ahkeem

  16. The Other Side of the Wall

    The Other Side of the Wall

  17. Manic


  18. Birth of a Family

    Birth of a Family

  19. Forbidden Games

    Forbidden Games

  20. All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn't Open

    All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn't Open

  21. Island Soldier

    Island Soldier

  22. Ramen Heads

    Ramen Heads

  23. Balloonfest


  24. Muhi: Generally Temporary

    Muhi: Generally Temporary

  25. Shadowman


  26. House in the Fields

    House in the Fields

  27. Mama Colonel

    Mama Colonel

  28. Tokyo Idols

    Tokyo Idols

  29. Invading Giants

    Invading Giants

  30. The Monster

    The Monster

  31. Volte


  32. Durango


  33. State of Exception

    State of Exception

  34. What Lies Upstream

    What Lies Upstream

  35. Rivolta


  36. Welcome to Wacken

    Welcome to Wacken

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