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Hong Kong International Film Festival

  1. Noi the Albino

    Noi the Albino

  2. Blind Shaft
    Silver Firebird Award

    Blind Shaft

  3. Dream Cuisine

    Dream Cuisine

  4. Love Is Not a Sin

    Love Is Not a Sin

  5. Feeding Boys, Ayaya

    Feeding Boys, Ayaya

  6. Welcome to Destination Shanghai
    Silver DV Award

    Welcome to Destination Shanghai

  7. Adaptation.


  8. Russian Ark

    Russian Ark

  9. Lilya 4-ever

    Lilya 4-ever

  10. Far From Heaven

    Far From Heaven

  11. The Son

    The Son

  12. 10


  13. Spider


  14. Ken Park

    Ken Park

  15. Japan


  16. Dirty Pretty Things

    Dirty Pretty Things

  17. Hukkle
    Golden Firebird Award


  18. Secret Things

    Secret Things

  19. Abouna
    Special Mention: Firebird Award


  20. Suddenly


  21. Auto Focus

    Auto Focus

  22. Deux


  23. Blessing Bell

    Blessing Bell

  24. The Sea

    The Sea

  25. El bonaerense

    El bonaerense

  26. Public Toilet

    Public Toilet

  27. Road Movie

    Road Movie

  28. Le chignon d'Olga

    Le chignon d'Olga

  29. Seaside


  30. Speak to Me of Love

    Speak to Me of Love

  31. quadro


  32. This Happy Life

    This Happy Life

  33. The Purified

    The Purified

  34. The Day I Will Never Forget

    The Day I Will Never Forget

  35. Clown in Kabul

    Clown in Kabul

  36. The Day My God Died

    The Day My God Died

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