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German Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Victoria
  2. The People vs. Fritz Bauer

    The People vs. Fritz Bauer

  3. The Bunker

    The Bunker

  4. Family Party

    Family Party

  5. Heil
  6. Hedi Schneider Is Stuck
    Best Actress

    Hedi Schneider Is Stuck

  7. Hördur - Between the Worlds

    Hördur - Between the Worlds

  8. Alki Alki

    Alki Alki

  9. The Culpable

    The Culpable

  10. Amour fou

    Amour fou

  11. The Chambermaid

    The Chambermaid

  12. We Are Young. We Are Strong.

    We Are Young. We Are Strong.

  13. Top Girl

    Top Girl

  14. Das Gelände
    Best Short Film

    Das Gelände

  15. About a Girl

    About a Girl

  16. Love Me!

    Love Me!

  17. Asta Upset

    Asta Upset

  18. Rough Road Ahead

    Rough Road Ahead

  19. Else
  20. Photography and Beyond
    Best Experimental

    Photography and Beyond