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German Film Awards

  1. The Robber

    The Robber

  2. When We Leave
  3. Henry of Navarre

    Henry of Navarre

  4. The White Ribbon
  5. Everyone Else

    Everyone Else

  6. Soul Kitchen

    Soul Kitchen

  7. Desert Flower

    Desert Flower

  8. The Woman with the 5 Elephants

    The Woman with the 5 Elephants

  9. Pope Joan

    Pope Joan

  10. Vision


  11. This Is Love

    This Is Love

  12. The Door

    The Door

  13. I've Never Been Happier

    I've Never Been Happier

  14. Gravity


  15. Storm
  16. Hilde
  17. Salami Aleikum

    Salami Aleikum

  18. Vicky the Viking

    Vicky the Viking

  19. Men in the City
  20. The Crocodiles
    Outstanding Children or Youth Film (Gold)

    The Crocodiles

  21. Whiskey with Vodka

    Whiskey with Vodka

  22. The Heart of Jenin
    Best Documentary (Gold)

    The Heart of Jenin