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Cairo International Film Festival

  1. Looking For Freedom
    Best Arabic Film

    Looking For Freedom

  2. Concorso di Colpa

    Concorso di Colpa

  3. Frágil


  4. Morning Raga
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Morning Raga

  5. Control Room

    Control Room

  6. In the Battlefields

    In the Battlefields

  7. Cattolica


  8. The Giraffe's Neck
  9. Guarded Secrets
    Best Actress

    Guarded Secrets

  10. Mémoire en détention
    Best Screenplay

    Mémoire en détention

  11. The Prince

    The Prince

  12. The Cooler

    The Cooler

  13. Identity Kills

    Identity Kills

  14. Little Girl Blue

    Little Girl Blue

  15. Blagoslovite zhenshchinu
    Silver Pyramid

    Blagoslovite zhenshchinu

  16. Asmali konak: Hayat

    Asmali konak: Hayat

  17. Adaptation.