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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Crossing the Mountain

    Crossing the Mountain

  2. Neukölln Unlimited
  3. One Life, Maybe Two

    One Life, Maybe Two

  4. Imani


  5. Just Another Love Story

    Just Another Love Story

  6. Pudana: Last of the Line

    Pudana: Last of the Line

  7. Derby


  8. Dumas


  9. The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon

  10. I Am Love

    I Am Love

  11. Kosmos


  12. Alamar


  13. The Mouth of the Wolf
  14. Youth in Revolt

    Youth in Revolt

  15. Blank City

    Blank City

  16. The Famous and the Dead

    The Famous and the Dead

  17. Little Girl

    Little Girl

  18. A Brand New Life
    Special Mention: Best Feature Film (Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk)

    A Brand New Life

  19. Gentlemen Broncos

    Gentlemen Broncos

  20. Night Mayor

    Night Mayor

  21. Crab Trap
    FIPRESCI Prize (Forum)

    Crab Trap

  22. Moloch tropical

    Moloch tropical

  23. A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop

    A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop

  24. Parade
    FIPRESCI Prize (Panorama)


  25. Son of Babylon
  26. Yuki & Nina

    Yuki & Nina

  27. Budrus


  28. Double Tide

    Double Tide

  29. Southern District

    Southern District

  30. This Is Love

    This Is Love

  31. The Six Dollar Fifty Man
  32. This Way of Life
  33. Franswa Sharl
    Best Short Film - Generation Kplus (Crystal Bear)

    Franswa Sharl

  34. I Am

    I Am

  35. Going South

    Going South

  36. Phobidilia