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Belfast Film Festival

  1. Mothers' Instinct

    Mothers' Instinct

  2. The Dead Center

    The Dead Center

  3. Sometimes Always Never

    Sometimes Always Never

  4. Mr. Spice

    Mr. Spice

  5. The Invention

    The Invention

  6. Violet


  7. Spook


  8. Burnt Oranges

    Burnt Oranges

  9. Vegetable


  10. One New Friend

    One New Friend

  11. A Film About Sandhoppers

    A Film About Sandhoppers

  12. The Man Who Shot The Ket

  13. What Betty Sees

    What Betty Sees

  14. Juggle


  15. The Owl

    The Owl

  16. I Am Not a Monster

    I Am Not a Monster

  17. Her Very Own

    Her Very Own

  18. Hold the Line
    Best Short Film

    Hold the Line

  19. Finding Shakespeare

    Finding Shakespeare

  20. Hindsight


  21. Land of Winter

    Land of Winter

  22. Áine's Place

  23. Stigma


  24. Born to Die

    Born to Die

  25. Belfast Calibre 9

    Belfast Calibre 9

  26. Dive


  27. Pictures and Music

    Pictures and Music

  28. Grapevines


  29. Forgive Me Not

    Forgive Me Not

  30. Dead Good

    Dead Good

  31. Pond Life

    Pond Life

  32. Troubles


  33. El Hor

    El Hor

  34. Dark Lies the Island

    Dark Lies the Island

  35. Under Growth

    Under Growth

  36. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker